Tweetable Issues

May 5, 2011

At Web Traffic Service we often use WordPress as an easy to use and simple yet flexible CMS for clients. One of our favorite plugins for WP is Tweetable by redwall_hp. Some updates need to be noted to get it to work however, mainly that sometimes authorizing a Twitter application for Read & Write access by default needs to be done from the following site: instead of the site referenced in the installation wizard. If you’ve been having problems with Tweetable try that and see if it helps!

Quick and Easy Manual Submission

July 27, 2010

Need to submit your website to the major search engines quickly? Try our Manual Submission page, with links to the submission pages of all the major search engines.

One secret of Search Engine submission however is that getting linked on an existing and relatively well ranked site is often the quickest way to get spidered by search engines. Web Traffic Service clients are linked on a variety of websites and pages to ensure that every new site is quickly ranked.

Installing MoinMoin with Apache2 and WSGI

July 7, 2010

MoinMoin is one of the best Python driven Wikis around. Here is a very basic and quick overview of installing it with Apache2 and mod_wsgi. We did it on a Ubuntu system.

MoinMoin 1.9 official install docs

1. Install Apache2 and mod-wsgi.
sudo apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-wsgi

2. Download and install Moinmoin
tar xvfz moin-1.9.x.tar.gz
cd moin-1.9.x
python install

This installs the codebase to /usr/local/lib/python-2.6/dist-packages/ for the Ubuntu system we used.

3. Copy the base files and directories /usr/local/share/moin to the directory of your choice, such as a directory under /var/www/

4. Edit the server/moin.wsgi file and make sure your paths are correct. Pay particular attention to sections a1 and a2.

5. Copy the example config/ into your main wiki directory. Edit it to reflect your preferences (sitename, page_front_page, superuser, etc).

6. Create your VirtualHost file in /etc/apache2/sites-available. The default user for Apache2 in Ubuntu is www-user so we'll stick with that. Add this code to the standard VirtualHost code:

WSGIScriptAlias / /var/www/yourmoindirectory/server/moin.wsgi

WSGIDaemonProcess moin user=www-data group=www-data
  home=/var/www/dnd processes=5 threads=10
  maximum-requests=1000 umask=0007

WSGIProcessGroup moin

You might also want to add Aliases for static and admin files at this point.

7. Symlink it in sites-enabled and restart the server. If all went well, you should see the wiki start page. If things did not go so well, be sure to check the permissions on the wiki folders.

Welcome to Web Traffic Service

June 21, 2010